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aesthetic treatments

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BLUSH MED SPA, where brilliance meets beauty. Whether your challenge is wrinkling, lack of elasticity, acne, pigmentation or brown spots, melasma, redness, rosacea, scars, sensitive/ dry/ oily skin, veins, body imperfections such as cellulite, excess inches, or loose skin, BLUSH can help you achieve your goal. With over 15 years experience in aesthetic medicine, you can have complete confidence with the results. 


BLUSH staff researches the latest non-invasive therapies and implements these in practices. Our services range from dermal fillers and Botox®️ to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, from face to body makeovers, we do it all! Beauty from within ideology, but also taking note how exterior beauty makes you feel more confident. BLUSH experts have a comprehensive array of therapies and products to find the right skin rejuvenation and wellness solution for all of your needs.

"We do not try to change the face, but restore youthfulness and enhance your beauty that has been lost due to the effects of age and gravity.- Camille Karalekas


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**Blush Med Spa: Comprehensive Beauty and Wellness Treatments**

   - Botox/Xeomin
   - Dysport

**Dermal Fillers**
   - Under Eye Filler
   - Cheek/Jaw/Chin Filler
   - Full Syringe Lip Filler
   - Half Syringe Lip Filler
   - 3 Point Filler
   - 5 Point Filler
   - Fatbella
   - Sculptra
   - Filler Dissolver
   - Butt Filler


   - Barbed Threads
   - Smooth Threads


 **Laser Hair Removal**
   - Lip/Chin
   - Full Face
   - Underarm/Bikini
   - Brazilian
   - Full Leg
   - Waist Down
   - Full Back/Half Back
   - Half Back
   - Full Body


 **Sylfirm X**
   - Single 1-Hour Session
   - Three 1-Hour Sessions


   - Full Face
   - Neck Up


   - B12 Energy Boosting
   - B12 MIC
   - Skin Tag Removal
   - HCG Weight Loss Program (Short Run/Long Run)


   - HydraFacial
   - Lux HydraFacial
   - Platinum HydraFacial
   - Teen Facial
   - Salt Facial
   - Dermaplaning
   - Dermaplaning with Chemical Peel


   - Microneedling with PRP
   - Microneedling with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid
   - Aquagold


    - Full Set
    - 2 Week Fill
    - 3 Week Fill
    - Lash Lift and Tint


    - Eyebrow
    - Lip and Brow


    - Brow Lamination


 **Spray Tan**
    - Individual
    - Monthly Membership




**Body Treatments**
    - Wood Sculpting
    - Lymphatic Drainage Massage
    - Infrared Sauna Blanket
    - IV Therapy


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